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x10 Polished 1.5"  SCH40 Stainless Weld elbows
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x10 Polished 1.5" SCH40 Stainless Weld elbows

Tired of polishing pipes to get an acceptable finish? We've got you covered with our polished 1.5" stainless steel schedule 40 weld elbows!

Ideal for fabricators that want a shiny weld-ready pipe elbow for your turbo manifold or other project's creation.

Sold in sets of 10pcs.

  • $120.00
  • Weight
    12 lbs
  • SKU

1.5" schedule 40 pipe

304L Stainless steel

Tumble polished to remove the majority of pitts left from the factory finish, and hand finished to bring out that bright shine.

Note: pipe elbows will not be reflective mirror finish, but rather a bright shine and uniform finish as shown in picture. Raw finish also shown for comparison.

Please allow up to 1 week for your order to be shipped.

  • Pipe Size:
    x10 1.5" 304L SCH40 90 Degree Elbows