DSM Exhaust / Hot Parts Kits

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  • AF 2g dsm Top mount T3/Vband Hot parts Kit Includes:

    Topmount Manifold, 3" VBand side exit or hood exit exhaust, and wastegate dump tube

    For the street car enthusiast we have developed a Top mount to keep most of Your stock amenities, this top mount faces the compressor housing to the passenger side like stock, Allowing you to run your charge pipe like stock, with a side exit exhaust

    can keep stock 1g radiator and will need to use pusher fans, with an S cover turbo.

     an H cover turbo is a very tight fit and a "tucked" sirrico style radiator is recommend for easier installation and a little extra clearance room.

    Some 7bolt blocks may need to have a small unnecessary portion of the block casting filed down.

    Manifold is designed around a 6bolt block in a 2g (please contact us for pictures if you have issues here)

    can keep your alternator location stock as well. This manifold has been verified to fit T3 turbos as large as forced performance's "super94/super99", Xona Rotor “X4C” and PTE “H” compressor covers

    All Archer Fabrications, LLC. Turbo manifolds are one of a kind hand crafted pieces. Runner design may vary slightly from the displayed picture.

    Made in the USA and intended for "off road use." 

    • $2399.99
  • Bottom mount Manifold with Hot parts consists of your choice of down pipe, hood exit, or side exit exhaust as well as a waste gate dump tube which is either down firing, recirculated or exiting through the hood. 

    Note* Down pipes will come standard with one flex section, one 02 bung, and no outlet flange, meaning you will need to weld or slip on a test pipe for the rest of your exhaust, the down pipe will exit under the oil pan, right after the engine.

    Turbo to Down pipe Vband clamps not included

    (All manifolds come standard with a Satin-polished finish) 

    • $2399.99