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AF Evo 8/9 Aluminum Trunk Panel
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AF Evo 8/9 Aluminum Trunk Panel

The Wait is over! 

New From Archer Fabrications the first ever on the market AF CT9A EVO TRUNK PLATE! (Evo 7 through 9) 

This piece was designed to replace your broken or missing cardboard spare tire cover using OEM mounting!

Allows the removal of the spare tire and jack for weight reduction, while not loosing the functionality of the trunk floor

Easy installation requires removal of nothing but the rear trunk latch plastic for installation

Aluminum Weight: 9.6 lbs

**not recommended to mount a fuel cell to, but ideal to cover one**

**please make sure your trunk has all the appropriate mounting locations in refrence to the picture above before purchase, if you are missing the top right threaded holes in your trunk for what ever reason (seems to be common for the early 2003 Evo 8), you will have to drill a new hole and add an extra Nut sert to the top right corner of the AF Trunk Panel and trunk floor pan.**

  • $275.00

Optional Hardware kit includes:

X3 m6x1.00 25mm machine head bolts with washers (1/8" Hex key)

X2 M10x1.25 25mm Bolts with large fender  washers (for large oem bolt holes usually covered by a black sticker, 17mm Socket)

X2 M10x1/8" Thick Rubber washers (Place between trunk floor and AF panel for sound dampening)

x3 M6x1.8" Thick Rubber Washers (Place between trunk floor and AF panel for sound dampening)

x2 M6 x1/2" Nylon Spacers (for sunken in bolt holes)


The AF Evo 7-9 trunk plate uses 4 oem bolt holes in the trunk, which covers 3 of the 4 corners. We have added an extra hole on the top left side of the panel for an OPTIONAL nut-sert mount (not included). It is not required, but if you choose to install a nut-sert yourself and use this extra hole, it will help give more distributed support and sound dampening.


 ***we of course recommend professional installation, but if you decide to drill on your own, Archer Fabrications is not responsible for any damages you do to your own vehicle.***

with that said: If drilling the hole for the M6 Nut-sert into your trunk floor, fully bolt down the panel to mark your drill point with a sharpie and use a center punch so your drill does not slip, remove Panel and commence drilling, we recommend using a step drill bit as they work quickly, and are shallow (please note there is an EVAP line next to where the spare tire well dips down under the car make sure to take care when drilling) once the hole is drilled, use a Riv-Nut / Nut-sert river tool (can be found on amazon) to install the threaded piece for your 4th mounting hole.

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