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AF 2G DSM "STREET" Top Mount T3/Vband
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AF 2G DSM "STREET" Top Mount T3/Vband

AF 2g dsm Top mount T3/Vband Turbo manifold

For the street car enthusiast we have developed a Top mount to keep most of Your stock amenities, this top mount faces the compressor housing to the passenger side like stock, Allowing you to keep your stock style charge and exhaust pipe routing.

can keep stock 1g radiator and will need to use slim fans or pusher fans, with an H cover turbo.

 an H cover turbo is a very tight fit and a "tucked" sirrico style or mk3 golf radiator is recommend for easier installation and a little extra clearance room.

7bolt blocks may need to have a small unnecessary portion of the block casting filed down where one of the front transmission bolt would have gone. Manifold is designed around a 6bolt block in a 2g

can keep your alternator location stock as well. This manifold has been verified to fit T3 turbos as large as forced performance's "super94/super99" and Precision Turbo's "6870" size turbos.

All Archer Fabrications, LLC. Turbo manifolds are one of a kind hand crafted pieces. Runner design may vary slightly from the displayed picture.

Made in the USA and intended for "off road use." 

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-Precision Tig Welded

-Fully back purged using the purest liquid argon (99.98%) and state of the art purging tools

-Premium Port Smoothing of Runner entries and Collector outlet is Standard

-304L schedule 40 stainless runners

-1/2" 1018 steel CNC Machined Head Flange and Turbo Flange

-TIAL 44mm MVR stainless waste gate inlet flange by default

-Runner entries and collector are welded inside and out for utmost strength

-All flanges welded using thick aluminum heat sinks to prevent warpage during welding

-Flanges decked flat to ensure perfect seal

-3 year warranty against weld defects to the original purchaser from the date shipped

-compatible with stock 1g radiator with Pusher fans (however, tucked sirrico style radiator is still recommended for the extra space)


-All Archer Fabrications products are hand made to order and one of a kind, each manifold may have slight runner variations that differ from the picture.
-please check our lead times tab for current build/wait times

-Additional options could add additional wait time


    • Weight
      23 lbs
    • SKU
  • Turbo Flange
    T3 Open, TiAL GT30/35 Vband, Precision 3” Vband, Garrett GTX gen2 / G series
  • Ceramic Coating
    None, Cerakote Titanuim, Cerakote Silver, Cerakote Bronze, Cerakote Black, Cerakote Tungsten
  • Wastegate Flange
    TiAL 44mm MVR, TiAL 38mm MVS