Archer Fab A90 Supra 2 Port Turbo Kit

Archer Fab 2020 A90 Supra 2 port Large runner Top mount Manifold and hot parts kit! 

Complete kit is Fit for GT35R size mid frame turbos with 4" Inlet / 2.5" outlet. (6266,6466,6766, 6870 with T04SP Compressor Covers) with our charge pipe option. Manifold itself will fit up to a 7675 with the T04HP compressor cover, but charge piping will not be a direct bolt on for the larger compressor cover.


(1) Archer Fab 2020 A90 Supra 2 Port Top Mount Turbo Manifold T4 Divided

(1) 3" Stainless VBand Down Pipe Fit for Stock location Exhaust with x2 O2 Sensor Bungs

(2) 44mm VBand Wastegate Dump Tubes

(1) 3" VBand Clamp Turbo to Down Pipe


(1) 3" CP1 Titanium Alloy Charge Pipe with option for Tial Q Blow off Valve (Fit for OEM Throttle body)

(1) 4 Ply 2.5" to 3" transition Coupler 90* (Cut to fit)

(2) Stainless T-Bolt Clamps

(1-2) Optional Methanol and or Nitrous 1/8 NPT Bung on charge pipe

(2) Tial 44mm MVR Wastegates

(1) TiAL Q Blow Off Valve

(1) PTE Gen2 6466 Turbocharger

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Archer Fab A90 2 port Large runner Top mount Manifold and hot parts kit! 

Complete kit is Fit for GT35R size mid frame turbos with 4" Inlet / 2.5" outlet. (6266,6466,6766, 6870 with T04SP Compressor Covers) with our charge pipe option. Manifold itself will fit up to a 7675 with the T04HP compressor cover, but charge piping will not be a direct bolt on for the larger compressor cover.

Hot parts kit designed around 6266/6466/6766/6870 T04SP Turbocharger includes:

3" Stainless Steel VBand down pipe with x2 o2 sensor bungs and fit for OEM Slip fit exhaust placement. Comes with Vband Clamp to Turbo

x2 Stainless Steel VBand wastegate dump tubes Down firing In front of down pipe

3" Stainless or Titanium Alloy Charge Pipe Material options with couplers and clamps

Fit for OEM Supra throttle body and Intake Manifold

Thick bead roll end for Coupler Fit to Turbo to keep the seal at high boost, Coupler and Clamps Included!

Sensor Bungs: OEM map sensor, OEM IAT sensor, x1 1/8 NPT Boost Sources come Standard, and optional 1/8 NPT methanol injection port by throttle body flange, and Nitrous Bung available as well.

Optional TiAL BOV flange for TiAL 50mm Q Blow Off Valve (requires BOV controller TurboSmart Part # TS-0304-1003, on the B58 engine sold separately)

Oil Fittings and lines not include


-Precision Tig Welded and Hand Built

-Fully back purged using the purest liquid argon (99.998% Purity) and state of the art purging tools

-Hand Built 304L 1.5" schedule 40 stainless (Large runners for extra flow)

-Billet Stainless CNC Merge Collector T4 Divided

-1/2" Thick Billet CNC Stainless Headflange made with 3D port transition from head to runner

-Runner entries at the head flange are welded inside and out for utmost strength and ported smooth for optimal flow

-Flanges are welded using thick aluminum heat sinks to prevent warpage during welding

- Head Flange decked flat to ensure proper seal to the Cylinder Head

-3 year warranty against weld defects to the original purchaser from the date ordered

Additional Options:

Ceramic Coating with the latest technology heat dissipation coatings Available in Black only

TiAL MVR 44mm Wastegates

Waste gate dump Tubes for Tial 44mm MVR

Exhaust: Stainless Steel Down Pipe or Titanium Hood Exit with Tear Drop Tip

Turbo Blanket: Torque Solutions TS-TB-LT4 T4 Lava Turbo Blanket will protect surrounding plastic parts and body panels from radiant turbine housing heat.

Blow off Valve Controller Kit: Required in the A90/91 When using a blow off valve

Adding A Turbocharger

if you need to also purchase a new turbocharger there are many options for you to choose from on the turbocharger tab on the main page of the webstore to add to your cart. OR select from the drop down Menu with this kit.

When Checking out, please specify in the Notes section which turbo you are using if not purchasing one with this kit, so we can be sure to use the correct Outlet flange for your Specific Turbo.

Installation Tips: 

Removal and Plugging of the OEM Turbo's Water pump is required with our charge pipe

Turbo Blanket Is recommended for the Turbine Housing

*Install Manifold First, tighten all bolts well and use the OEM hardware and Gasket

*install Wastegates loosely onto the manifold and clamp the dump tubes loosely to the wastegates this will allow you to pivot the Vbands to align the Tips properly before tightening them in their final position.

*Bolt on the Turbo, add supplied Coupler and clamps to Turbo's Compressor Elbow

*install Down pipe from under the car to the OEM slip fit or Similar Fitting Exhaust and then clamp vband to turbo.

*install 02 sensors

* install Sensors onto Charge piping, slide charge piping into the coupler on the turbo and clamp.

*Bolt throttle body flange on the charge pipe to OEM throttle body


-All Archer Fabrications products are hand made to order and one of a kind, each manifold may have slight runner variations that differ from the picture.
-please check our lead times tab for current build/wait times

-Additional options could add additional wait time


    • Weight
      35 lbs
    • SKU
  • Turbine Flange:
    T4 Divided (Twinscroll)
  • Wastegate Flanges:
    TiAL MVR 44mm
  • Add Wastegates:
    No Wastegates, X2 TiAL 44mm MVR SILVER, X2 TiAL 44mm MVR BLACK, X2 TiAL 44mm MVR BLUE, X2 TiAL 44mm MVR RED, X2 TiAL 44mm MVR PURPLE
  • Add Turbo:
    No Turbo, (900Hp) Precision GEN2 6466 Ballbearing Turbo .84 A/R T4 Divided T04HSP W 3 5/8" VBand discharge, (900Hp) Precision GEN2 6466 Ballbearing Turbo 1.00 A/R T4 Divided T04SP With 3 5/8" VBand Discharge, (900Hp) Precision GEN2 6466 Ballbearing Turbo 1.15 A/R T4 Divided T04SP With 3 5/8" VBand Discharge, (900Hp) Precision GEN2 6466 Ballbearing Turbo 1.32 A/R T4 Divided T04SP With 3 5/8" VBand Discharge
  • 3" Charge Piping:
    No Charge Piping, Titanium Alloy Fit for Stock Intake Manifold & OEM Throttle Body
  • Blow off valve flange on charge piping
    No, Yes
  • Add Blow off Valve:
    No Blow Off Valve, TiAL Q 50mm BOV SILVER, TiAL Q 50mm BOV BLACK, TiAL Q 50mm BOV BLUE, TiAL Q 50mm BOV RED, TiAL Q 50mm BOV PURPLE
  • Extra 1/8 NPT Bungs on Charge Pipe
    No, 1 Titanium Methanol Bung by Throttle Body, 1 Titanium Nitrous Bung, Both Titanium Methanol & Nitrous bungs

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• The limited warranty does not cover damage you may have caused & related or due to the following:

•User neglect, improper installation, damage related to a heavy Waste gate dump tube, damage due to vibratory contact from other parts, Damage caused from "heat wrapping".

Archer Fabrications, LLC. Will not be held liable for any damage that could occur to the related and moving parts associated with a turbo system, such as; The Engine & The Turbocharger, or damage to the vehicle itself, at anytime.

Archer Fabrications, LLC. Reserves the right to change or update the Terms and conditions / Warranty Info at any time.

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